Community Based Reviews

Bravo runs a modified version of Steem's "Proof-of-Brain" algorithm. An algorithm that allows community members, reviewers and contributors to create and curate unique content, and stores all information on the blockchain for trustless immutability.

Create New Content

Create New Content

Create new content via reviews, comments, pictures, videos and more.

Curate and Rank Content

Curate and Rank Content

Rate and rank reviews and other content uploaded by community members.

Find the Best Reviews

Find the Best Reviews

Scour the Bravo community to find the best reviews of the places you are most interested in!

Immutable, Trustless, Transparent, Decentralized Reviews

Bravo aims to solve 5 critical flaws in current Web 2.0 review platforms:

  • Centralization
  • Manipulation
  • Censorship
  • Transparency
  • Bias

By providing an immutable, trustless, and decentralized blockchain based review platform, we can completely eliminate centralization and censorship, and vastly improve against bias and manipulation via communal efforts and policing.

Chris BOne of the problems with having a centralized review platform is that the company controlling the review platform can determine your business's fate.
Chris B
Restaurant Owner

Wanna see it in action?

Our goal is to make BravoCoin as user friendly as possible


Transactions and Earnings History

It’s simple to track your transactions via the BravoCoin wallet.  All of your earnings from authoring reviews, curating and ranking content, as well as other transactions sent or received are readily viewable.

Fast, Easy, Secure Payments

It’s quick and painless to send BravoCoin to another user or merchant.  Simply navigate to your wallet, click the send button, and scan the QR code of the user or merchant you would like to send payment to.  The transaction will take less than 3 seconds to confirm and the coins are immediately available for use in the recipient’s wallet.

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What is Bravo?

Bravo is a social review platform built entirely on blockchain that encourages users to author, curate and secure the network. By harnessing blockchain's immutability, Bravo can provide a more transparent, non-biased, and censorship-free review platform where users can engage.


Bravo is built upon graphene technology, capable of handling up to 100,000 transactions per second (tps). This allows Bravo to be fast enough, and scalable enough to handle massive amounts of content ranging from reviews, to comments, to ratings, all while being stored on an immutable blockchain.

Open Source Software

Bravo blockchain, and backend are open source software released under the MIT license which allows anyone to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the software. All open source software components are maintained and managed through the Bravo Foundation.


Bravo utilizes a delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus model. Each Bravo account is entitled to vote for "Witnesses". Witnesses are users who function as delegates and are responsible for securing the blockchain and network. Witnesses run specialized server based software packages available for download or to compile yourself.

Who's Behind It?

Lorena Valencia

CEO / Co-Founder

Lorena is a blockchain and distributed ledger ultraist with a proven track record in building successful businesses.

Adam Barlam

CTO / Co-Founder

Adam is an experienced technology entrepreneur and architect with a passion for blockchain and open source software.


What are you waiting for?

Find the best local food, hotels, service providers and more on the Bravo platform today!

Help the Bravo community with authoring, curating and ranking content on our blockchain based social review platform.  Downloads available soon!